Frequently Asked Questions

What is a guarantor, and how do I know if I need one? How can I add them to my application?

​A guarantor will function as the financially responsible party on your account. They have the option to pay rent, but are not required to. We process the guarantor’s financial background to make sure that they can pass our rental criteria screening. Our rental criteria include that you must have income that is equal or greater than 3x the monthly rental installment, and a credit score of at least 600. Many of our residents are MSU students - so it is very easy to add a parent, family friend, or other relative to your account as a guarantor! You are easily able to add a guarantor to your account on your application, or our helpful staff can assist you with this over the phone or email. Please know that to add a guarantor to your account, you will need to know their name, number, email, and date of birth!

What if I make enough money, but my credit score is not high enough?

​Not a problem - for those who have credit scores within the range of 500-599, we will be able to approve your application with conditions. Normally, the security deposit to live at SVA is only $100, but if you want to have your application approved with a credit score below our requirements, we require that you pay a security deposit equal to two month’s rent. Please note that credit scores of 499 and below will not meet the rental criteria and are not eligible to pass with conditions.

If I am a guarantor, do I need to fill out my own application?

No! If you are a guarantor, your portion of the application will be sent to you once the primary person has finished theirs. It will include different questions and requirements than the primary application. If you are a guarantor, please wait to make your own application! An easy-to-use link will be emailed to you directly to complete your portion of the primary’s application.

When do I pay rent?

​Rent will be posted and is due on the first of each month! For the 22-23 leasing term, late fees begin posting on the 6th day of the month, providing you with a 5-day grace period to make this payment. Late fees this year will be $50 on the 6th, and $10 each additional day that the rental installment is late after that. For the 23-24 leasing term that begins in August of 2023, we will have an updated policy! You will have a 3-day grace period to make your rental payment, and then a one-time fee of $75 will be charged to your account if it is late.

Can I pay rent early?

​You can! You are always able to make a payment as a credit on the Resident Portal website or app. Please note that rental charges will not be applied to your account until the first! If you pay in advance, you will see the amount you paid in your balance as a credit until rent is posted.

I signed a lease for next fall, but my plans changed! Can I cancel my lease?

​Unfortunately, you cannot.  A lease is a binding legal contract, and you are responsible to make rental payments throughout the duration of the lease. However, if you are a future resident whose plans have changed or if you are a current resident who would like to move out - we have a very simple process to relet your apartment! Reletting your apartment is essentially selling your lease. You will be responsible for finding a person to take over your lease, and the office can assist you with their application process. Take a look at the Resident Relet Checklist to learn more about how this process works!

I’ve never applied for an apartment before, what do I do?

You’re not alone! Many of our residents are living in their very first apartment here at Stadium View! Our helpful staff is available 6 days a week to assist you with the process, but we also have an application guide for your reference! Find it HERE: App Guide